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How to Hire a College Paper Writing Service


I once had a college professor who told me, “If you want to know, go to the person who knows.” I didn’t get it at first, and it has taken on different meanings at different times in my life. But now I get it, and I’ve become the person who knows. At this time in your life, the fact that you have stumbled on to this site and are reading this article suggests you’re struggling to find time for your own college papers. The good news is that you’ve found the people who know about college paper writing.

I’ve been a teacher, editor and freelance writer. This has given me unique insight into the world of written expression. Today, I’m a closet academic that ghost writes projects for clients struggling to write papers. I’ve helped thousands of students in their pursuits of undergraduate and graduate degrees over the years. From the first contact, I can almost tell with 90% certainty whether a client is going to have a successful outcome. If you’re looking for help college paper writing, there’s a few bits of wisdom I’ve gathered over the years you should consider:

Pick a reputable service!! There a ton of college paper writing services on the world wide web that claim to provide papers for college students in exchange for a fee. Hey, it’s the Internet, you can find someone to do anything here. Not all services are created equal though. There’s plenty of paper mills that recycle projects and will sell you generic papers as a discounted rate. This is the age of Turnitin and search engines though, consider if you found the site so can your school or professor. What you need is 100% original work that is plagiarism free written by qualified ghost writers.

Get ready to pay!! College paper writing isn’t cheap. You do in fact get what you pay for. A native English speaking individual with a graduate degree isn’t going to work for Walmart Wages. Why would they do that? You don’t go to the heart surgeon and say, “Yeah, but my cousin Jim’s doctor in Tijuana can do it for half that much.” I’ve heard this statement often, “How is a struggling college student supposed to pay for this?” My answer is simple, “That’s not my problem.” I am the person who knows college paper writing, you are the person looking to get me to do that for you. I will do it… when you pay me what I quoted you.

Don’t micromanage!! The truth is, and this may sting, in all probability we’re a lot better at college paper writing than you. The more you tell us what we have to do, how we should do it and the way we are going to commence work on your project, the greater chance you have of failure. A healthy foot in the door following along is just smart, but telling someone how to do their job is dumb. Remember, you came to the people who know. If you can do it better yourself or like the way you write better, then by all means, do it yourself. The ghost writer is not you and the way they approach will not necessarily be like you. If you get the right person, however, it will still be done correctly.

No, we can’t guarantee an A! College paper writing is a subjective art form. “Yeah but can you guarantee me an A for that price?” No, I can’t. Every professor grades differently and outside of mathematics and science, grading based on essay content ranges from the subjectively easy to the super hard. Your philosophy professor, who teaches a subject with little real-life importance, is going to constantly strive to prove how important their topic is by making it very hard. Also, first impressions are everything. If you’re professor thinks you’re an idiot, or irritating, you can have Stephen Hawking write your project and they will still find a way to knock you down a peg. Based on emails alone I get from clients, if I had a student talk to me that way, I’d make sure to make their life very very difficult when it comes time to grade. The most gifted writer in the world cannot overcome the impressions you’ve already made on instructors. Grading generally isn’t fair, the best you can expect is for the writer to follow all dynamics listed in the rubric or given instructions – that will get you a passing grade.

Be realistic and be nice! When you come to the people that know, it’s a partnership. Be a good partner. If you order a paper and it turns out a little different from what you expected, that’s normal! Any time I hire someone for college paper writing, web design, or any other freelance task, they do it in a way that is a little different from what I would have expected. But it gets the job done! Also, if it’s necessary to have us revise the paper, that’s OKAY but we’ll ask you to pay a small fee to cover a few minutes or a few hours of work.

This is my quick overview of the world of college paper writing and ghost writing for academics. It’s a strange world, but I know it well and I recommend you take my advice so you can get the best outcomes you desire.


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