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Legitimate “college class assistants” on Reddit?


This article is for anyone searching Reddit for a college class assistant (i.e. professional paper-writer/essay writing service ). My job is to find reliable writers to work as online class assistants for busy people. I’m quickly writing this helpful keyword-rich article to help you achieve your goal while I also achieve my goal (My goal: Connect with a lot of busy adults in degree programs AND reliable college class assistants). So here we go, lookout, I’ll share whatever I know about…

How to find legitimate college class assistants on reddit.

They really do exist, and I’m one of them. We lurk around r/forhire even though we’re not allowed to advertise there. We used to spend a lot of time at r/hireawriter but not so much anymore now that they’ve banned ‘academic writing’.

Here are a few ways you can find a legitimate college class assistant on Reddit:

  • Post a project on r/papermarket. This has the advantage of getting you a lot of bids from many people but it also requires you to advertise your assignment on the Internet (that’s a little sketchy).
  • Look at advertisements in the (Weekly Writer’s Thread) on r/writerforhire and choose an online class assistant who seems legit.
  • Go to r/forhire. Send a message to a writer, and ask if s/he offers college class assistance.  None of them will be advertising essay writing service (The sub does not allow it), but some will be willing to it. 
  • I started a subreddit called r/writingservice where you can get help choosing a college class assistant.

In general, it’s good to look for a reliable assistant on reddit. (Obviously, it’s better to email me right now instead of going to look for me on Reddit. But let’s at least go through the motions of finishing this article.) The people who use Reddit tend to be the ones who read well and write well. It’s confusing for people when they first see it, so the simple people are filtered out right away. It’s also aggressively moderated by people who do a great job of minimizing scammers and spammy content.

It’s rare to find someone motivated enough to be a trustworthy college class assistant.

People struggle in their own degree programs to stick with it when the going gets rough, so how can you expect an assistant or essay writing service to keep trying when your degree program becomes difficult for one reason or another?

Answer: Find someone who is a ‘full-time freelancer’ and makes a living by helping clients achieve their goals. Don’t hire someone who just wants to make extra money writing a few papers. They will give up when it gets difficult. And they’ll stop helping after a while when they get sick of it, so you’ll need to find someone to replace them. The secret to success when you hire a college class assistant is to choose someone who has been a self-employed freelancer for a long time and takes it seriously.

Here’s a secret:  Paper/essay writing service = the best kind of gig for a freelance writer-for-hire. It’s better than writing people’s resumes, better than blogging for ad revenue, better than trying to get a book published, and better than writing keyword articles. Writing papers is a real profession now, and it’s possible to find someone you can trust to work consistently, intelligently, every week until you complete your class. That’s what you’ll get if you find a real, professional writer-for-hire who never gives up.

Most important: Start with  small deposit.

Whatever paper/essay writing service you choose, ask them to let you put down a deposit of $30-$50 (or even less) and see just a small amount of writing. Ask them to start with just one page so you can make sure the writing style looks like something you can actually use.

TBH I highly recommend myself, and I encourage you to email me right now. I have been doing this for ten years, and I work with a small team of great writers. Research around a little and see what you find, but if you decide to hire me you can just TEXT your email address to 508-556-0652.

Got a friend in a degree program? Share this article!  I’ll owe you a favor.

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