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Research Paper Writing Frustration


For some students, writing research paper is one of the most frustrating or intimidating parts of the higher education experience. Maybe you’ve been out of school for awhile and you’re out of practice. It could be that English is your second language. Perhaps you had a less than stellar English teacher in high school or maybe the very notion of APA, MLA, Chicago… blah blah blah simply makes you swell up with anxiety. According to Gallup International (2001), “For many of us, our weaknesses seem to overshadow our confidence in our strengths.” Regardless of where your research paper writing frustration comes from, research paper writing is a part of academia and it’s not going away. The good news is that there is help.

Research paper writing frustration is often so impacting in the lives of some students that it further exacerbates already low motivation levels (Bacha, 2010). Quite simply, if you don’t overcome it and you don’t do anything about it, it only gets worse. On the Internet today, there is plethora of information available at one’s fingertips for anything. Some of it is good, some of it is not so good. For Research paper writing frustration, there are academic professionals and writers online that are available 24 hours 7 days a week to assist. These people can edit projects, compile research, write model papers, synthesize your data, evaluate data/sources, and illustrate how work should be completed correctly to academic standards.

For research paper writing frustration, hiring an academic writer to help you overcome that anxiety may be the support structure you need that you never even knew existed! Like any service, it’s important to do your research, as not all tutors and writers are created equal. Just in the same way that you would shop around for the right school, the right car, or even the right romantic partner, finding the correct partner to help overcome your research paper writing frustration is critical. In the end, however, help is available and it is not necessary to fall into the depths of losing hope or motivation because you fear the dreaded research paper. With professional help, you can have the support and assistance you need to help you gain your confidence in your own writing ability or to take off some of the burden in your already busy lives.

Research paper writing frustration is real, it can be a barrier to graduation and it does not go away without action. There is currently a declining state of literacy among high school and college students that is well documented (Addison & McGee, 2010). It can be avoided with help.

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