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Write Papers Quickly with Dictation


Colleges are using computer programs to evaluate your essays and grade your assignments, so I guess there is no limit to how far the education industry will go to increase profit and efficiency. Let’s use some technology tools to give you an advantage and save you some time. In this article I’ll show you ways you can use dictation to write papers quickly.

Dictation makes it possible to write papers quickly, because you can create original content simply by thinking aloud while you research your topic. Did you know that speaking and typing involve entirely different areas of the brain?

Try this method:
1. Search Google for your topic and also include this search term: “literature review”
2. Filter your search so that it only shows you results from the past 2 years. That way you’ll get very recent research findings to cite in your paper.
3. Because of using “literature review” as part of your search criteria, you’ll find a lot of scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.
4. Begin reading an article that interests you. Don’t read in a passive way, but instead listen intently! Listen for the voice of your mind to say what the main idea of the article is.
5. When your mind tells you what the article is about, you should immediately speak that sentence aloud! Don’t miss the opportunity. The reason people struggle to write papers is because they don’t capture the sentences spoken by the voice of the mind.

It might not be easy to dictate a paper from start to finish. Instead, use it to capture the main idea of the article and speak just one sentence. Then, as you continue to read you’ll find out more about the research study explained in the article, and you can elaborate. Then, maybe give an example from the article. Then, say something about how the findings from the research study in this article can help stakeholders to better understand the topic you’re researching.

Each time you skim through an article about your topic you can use dictation to type one solid paragraph to explain what the article was all about and how it helps people better understand the topic.

If you are a PC user:

Over the years I have tried a lot of voice recognition software and for a long time it was too inaccurate. It did not save me time, because there were too many errors. But at the time I’m writing this article I think the best accuracy comes from tools available via the Google Chrome browser. Enable dictation in GoogleDocs, or get the Chrome extension called gmail dictation. It’s best to use a headset and mic, but you might find that speaking directly to a laptop’s built-in microphone works almost perfectly.

If you are a Mac user:

You can still do very well with Chrome, but you may prefer to use the mac function called keyboard dictation. Just go to Keyboard Preferences and turn on “keyboard dictation”. I should also tell you that you can use a similar function called Voice Control to give commands to your mac device, but remember this: When you have Voice Control switched on, you will not be able to use keyboard dictation.


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