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Academic writing services – How to make sure you receive original content


Hiring a writer from a writing service but nervous of receiving plagiarized material? Rightfully so! Plagiarism-checkers like SafeAssign and Turnitin flag copied work submitted by students; how do you make sure you’re receiving original material when hiring a writer? Well, I’m happy you asked! Here are just a few ways to help determine legitimacy when choosing a writing service.

Don’t use an “essay website”, hire an academic assistant.

Most essay websites do not let you “meet” your writer. You place an order, provide your instructions, a writer does the project to your specifications (hopefully) and gets paid. The writing comes from someone who has never talked to you before and doesn’t know the details of your program. It’s best to entrust your work to someone who can become familiar with you and your class.

If you were to hire a babysitter to watch your children, you wouldn’t just hire the first person you interviewed. You would want to meet them and develop a rapport with them, establish trust and give yourself some peace of mind that you made a good decision hiring this individual. The same should go for anything you’re buying where the quality matters. Online freelancers value repeat clients because it provides them with regular work. They will be happy to chat with you about your project and that familiarity will come through in the writing they provide. They will want you to keep you happy so that you will continue to use them.

You shouldn’t purchase any work done by a service that isn’t responsive to your queries. Few writing services take time to answer customer questions. The one’s that reply to consumers questions are the one’s that will work with you as opposed to just completing a project. You’re more likely to get quality, original content from a service that takes the time to make your needs a priority by talking with you. They are showing you that they care about the quality of the work you receive.

After finding a service you’d like to use, try rewording some papers.

Found a service you’d like to try? Here’s a tip – place an order and make the deadline earlier than the actual deadline by a few days. Once you receive the completed paper from the service, read it and reword as many sentences as you can. This is how to make it original; paraphrasing the entire paper. If you don’t have time to do this, send it back to the service and ask them to complete it. “This paper looks great but I’m scared of turning it in, to assuage my fears can you please reword the paper? I will pay for it”.

If you receive a completely different paper, the service is just copy/pasting previously completed papers and you will be flagged through a plagiarism website. If the service is legitimate, they will be happy to reword the paper because they know this will legitimize them and reduce your apprehension when ordering through them in the future. Have the service do this to the first few papers you order through them, that way you can rest assured they are giving you original material every time you order from them.

Try “testing” an academic writing service with a 2 page order.

Try an academic writing service with a 1-2 page “test”. This will help you determine how professional and detailed the writers are. Order a paper with 500-700 words, it will be priced somewhere around $45-$60. Provide instructions that ask the writer to answer several questions. Ask questions about something very specific and current, like a state of a niche industry. Finding pre-written papers online about specific info can be difficult. The writer should be able to clearly answer the questions with consistency in regards to their writing style. If the short paper you ordered has “pieced together” answers that seem different in tone from each other, chances are the service is not legitimate. Testing a service can help you determine how professional the writers are and if the service is copy/pasting material from random places on the Internet.